Monday, March 28, 2011

Two Things Every Bride Needs: Girlfriends and a Great Pair of Shoes

Okay, so I can’t claim intellectual rights for this next idea, but you can bet I will be copying this UtK bride when I walk down the aisle.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with my wedding locale, the aisle is treacherous.  After walking down about twenty uneven stone steps, I get to trek down a very steep hill covered with gravel.  All of this is before I even get to the actual gauntlet of guests.  I guess it’s the price of getting married outside.

I’m already having nightmares about sliding on my bum all the way down that hill.  The on-site coordinator keeps telling me in his oh-so-sassy way to “not even play it.”  Thanks for the advice to not go there, Monroe, but while you and the rest of your gender get to skip on down the path in your flat bottomed shoes, I’ll be wobbling in heels, thankful for the tree line that keeps the guests from having a completely clear shot of me trying not to fall on the biggest day of my life.

It may not keep me from taking a tumble – that’s what Dad’s arm is for – but having all of my girls there with me as I take those very important steps will make the day even more special than it already is. After all, isn't that what having girlfriends is all about?  To keep you from falling.
Image Credit: Ashley Palmero


  1. What a lovely idea for the shoes, Jamie.

    Good luck on negotiating the path. I'm assuming the heels are to go with a shorter dress, and that you can't wear sneakers, a la Cybill Shepherd, hidden by a floor- (path?) length dress?

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