Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome to UtK

As a bride-to-be, I have enough wedding planning resources to fill an entire room.  The second that The Fiancé proposed, I started my vast and ever expanding collection.  (Okay, so maybe I had a few things before he actually popped the question...) Between the websites, the books and the stacks of magazines that are taller than I am, one would think that I would have found all the answers.  But even with all of the "help" I had, I still found myself with so many questions that were not covered.  Was I just supposed to know the answers?  Was I a bad bride because I didn't?  I was going to have to give back my pearls!  Why hadn't my mother trained me well enough?!

Alright, so maybe I am embellishing a little, but the truth is, there is a lot that these so-called "complete" wedding resources just don't cover.  Granted, some are little nitpicky issues, but some are pretty major snafoos to find yourself suddenly tangled up in.  Through this blog, I, along with the helpful advice from some other brilliant bride-to-be's, hope to shed some light on some of these ignored issues.  I'll be sharing things I've learned along the way, including maybe a horror story or two.  Don't worry - most have happy endings!  Together, we can untangle all of the crazy knots of wedding world on the way to the big day!
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