Saturday, March 26, 2011

Make Your List, Check It Twice... Then Check It Again

I completely intended to give you the rest of my invitation advice today, but alas, it isn't going to happen.  I figured the timing couldn't be better.  After all, I picked up my own invitations today - and they're stunning, if I do say so myself.  However, the MOB and I ran some other errands after our 9:00 AM meeting with the printer whose office is 45 minutes away and after several hours of fruitless errand running with no end, emotions started to run a little high.  You see, shower number one is tomorrow, and yours truly still didn't have a dress and MOB still hadn't gotten a gift.  We thrive under pressure.  Well, one mall, seventeen stores and a nervous breakdown later, neither of these things were accomplished, but I did walk away with a minor horror story for you all to learn from.

Oh, Girl, I've been there.

Registering for gifts is wonderful.  You and your fiancé fighting over who gets to hold the little scanner gun and trying to pick out what color kitchen aid mixer you want.  What could be better, right?  I'm also told that it helps prepare you for little marital squabbles when you try to decide what toaster to get when you want two slice, but he demands four.  Was that just us?  Anyway, once that nice, little registry is made, go back and check it online... all the time.  Seriously.  Check it at least once a month, and as shower season starts, once a week.

It's not to see what people are getting you.  It's to make sure nothing has been DISCONTINUED!  Here's my story.  MOB and I registered for my fine china months ago at Macy's.  When The Fiancé came into town, I happily trotted him off to the mall to show him what I'd picked out.  It was no where to be found.  We looked and looked... and then found a few pieces hanging out on the clearance table.  My $70 plate was on sale for $11.  I was upset that no one had told me at the store two weeks before that they were discontinuing the china.  So upset, in fact, that we moved our little registry right on over to Belk where I registered for a kind of boring, but safe china that would never get discontinued.  When I got home, I logged onto my registry to show MOB, and, wouldn't you know it, the store clerk signed us up for the wrong china.  I nearly gave up then and there.

My pretty china.  Yes, I mix and match!
It eventually got sorted out, and we have registered for a beautiful china that I wrote about here.  I love it and couldn't be happier with it.  But back to my story from today.  MOB and I went into Belk hoping to get a few pieces of our stemware for the shower tomorrow.  What does the guy tell us?  Not only does my registry have me signed up for the wrong stemware (platinum rimmed with my gold china?!), but they're discontinuing that style, regardless of rim.  I could feel my fake smile tightening, Bridezilla threatening to bust out of her cage for the first time.  We decided to say screw it.  We got the nice man to fix it -although he only signed me up for one wine glass and that's all.  What I liked is what I like.  We'll see how much of it we get and the rest can be bought at my new favorite website.

In the meantime, I decided to peruse my registries one more time, just to make sure nothing was a miss.  I'm sure glad that I did.  Half of the stuff we registered for at Pottery Barn is on backorder until a month after the wedding!

Lenox Firelight is a classic!  How could the be discontinuing it?!

Learn from this so you don't have to have a nervous breakdown in a Belk dressing room like I almost did.  And remember to put it in perspective.  When I told The Fiancé, he was actually almost pleased.  He figures we'll get more of it because it will be on super sale.  See?  Perspective.


  1. Jamie, just about all my china is discontinued, which is how I bought most of it. I managed a Wedgwood store for a while (spent that paycheck so fast!) and when a pattern was discontinued, we'd sell the display setting (china designs are about as fickle as clothes fashions). Well, we'd sell it if I didn't want it. If I liked it, I bought it.

    Another manager commented that my 'formal table' would look like a garage sale, but pffft!, it doesn't matter. :)

    I feel your pain on the wineglasses, though. I like the German Römer shaped wineglasses and they just aren't popular here.
    (for everyday, I like plain un-cut crystal, but this is the general shape; the Römer shape is smaller than what I usually see here in the stores)

    Searching for a registry item, though, and finding patterns being discontinued -- that's got to be frustrating.

  2. Hi, Jamie! Stopping by for the first time from She Writes. Cute blog! Wishing you the best for your upcoming wedding! :)


  3. Valerie, your comments always make me smile! I'm with you on the mix and match formal china. It's one of the reasons we went with two separate kinds of china - we didn't want everything to look the exact same! And that stemware is gorgeous!

    Samantha, thanks for stopping by! Here's hoping you come back again! :)